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Quilt Maker Pro 18

  • High speed
  • 4, 8 or 12ft workspace
  • 3 positions of LED lighting

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The Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18 is for the quilting enthusiast. The frame can be made as a 12 foot, 8 foot or 4 foot, it is a solid robust frame which works with the Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18 long arm machine. With a throat space of 18 inches, you are able to artistically finish off your quilts, no matter the size, this frame is large enough to fit and quilt a King-size quilt down to Cot-size. Speeds up to 2,200 stitches per minute and precision stitching and regulation, even at high speeds, means you get more quilting done. To make the quilting experience more enjoyable, we have added some exclusive features – magnets on each side of the display screen for scissors or pins; lots of LED lighting; numbered digital tension control, 2 thread spool stand positioned at the front of the machine for easy threading…. plus more

Exclusive Janome Features

  1. Thread guide at front of machine for easy threading
  2. Magnets on each side of front screen display
  3. Additional LED lighting strips under magnets
  4. Needleplate flush with work-bed
  5. 4 USB Ports allows owner to easily update + able to utilise USB accessories
  6. Unique built-in quilt top cradle
  7. Large easy access to bobbin area
  8. Solid diecast machine with maximum structural rigidity reduces vibration at high speeds



Sewing Speed – High speed sewing: up to 2,200 stitches per minute
Hook System – industrial rotary hook
Needle Up/Down Function – Yes
Workspace – 18 inches
Lighting – 3 positions of LED lighting
Industrial Type Thread Take-up Lever – Yes
Bobbin Winder – stand alone bobbin winder
Thread Tension Control – digital tension display
Bobbin System – Large capacity M-class bobbin
Quilt Frame size – 12, 8 or 4 Foot
Multi Language – English, French, German, Spanish
Stitch Regulation – Two modes: Precision and Cruise
Spool Stand – 2-thread spool stand at front of machine
Handle Bar – Dual control, padded ergonomic Handle Bars

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