How Janome Sewing Solutions began

Alison and Mark Rogers opened Sewing Solutions in July 1993 after spending a month converting a discount shoe shop into the comfortable, open and warm feeling retail store of today.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Janome products, derived from her position as Janome’s South Australian lesson teacher and her general sewing skills, Alison knows how to impart the information required to get the most out of your sewing products.

Mark, on the other hand , worked in electronics for more than 20 years before entering the sewing industry. As electronic equipment goes hand in hand with sewing now, Mark’s experience in this field is invaluable. He has also completed an industrial sewing machine mechanics course and is trained and qualified by Janome.


What we aim to achieve

Our mission statement is very simple. Provide the best product, matched to our customer’s needs and then back up that purchase with unrivalled support.

Janome has the dominant market position in Australia. Most people who buy a sewing machine or overlocker in Australia, purchase a Janome. That’s why all of the staff at Janome Sewing Solutions are trained by Janome, for Janome. There is no conflict with cross brand selling. The range of Janome machines is large enough to cater to everyone’s needs.

Janome Sewing Solutions has set the standard in customer service.

We have the product people want, but consumers are more discerning these days. They want value added purchases and at Solutions we won’t just sell you a box. The entire staff is prepared to assist in every way possible so that our customers achieve the result they want and enjoy the experience.